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With the high level of insecurity in the world today, it has become a necessity for individuals and businesses to protect their vehicular assets and other equipment giving their high cost.


Olive Track offers the best car tracker system in Lagos, Nigeria. Our trackers uses the GPS and GPRS technologies to track your your car 24/7 giving you the ability to:

  • ​See your car's location on a digital map on our web-based platform in real time.

  • Monitor your car's movement in real time and get a playback of movements up to 3 months back.

  • Get a geo fence alert when your car enters or leaves a particular location of interest.

  • Monitor your driver's habits such as over speeding, hard acceleration and hard braking

  • Get on demand SMS reports of your vehicle's location, status and google map link.

  • Immobilize (stop engine) your vehicle via SMS or tracking platform in the event of theft or other circumstances.Locate and recover your lost or stolen car.

  • Listen to conversations going on in your vehicle remotely.

How It Works

A GPS tracker is installed and concealed in your vehicle. Configurations are made to connect to our LIVE-TRACKserver where you will have access (with username and password) to login and monitor your vehcle in real time seeing live location of your car displayed on a digital map with other useful information.


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